Bilingual Gymnasium

Gymnasium, bilingual English

Our Gymnasium secondary school with bilingual specialisation at the Heidelberg Private School Centre (Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum – HPC) thoroughly equips pupils to learn something really special. The bilingual lessons mean that pupils learn English as a foreign language intensively alongside their regular subjects.

The Gymnasium’s bilingual specialisation is based on the current education plans and curriculum for Gymnasium secondary schools.  
Our Gymnasium is particularly suited to children with an international background and for pupils at our own bilingual primary school.  

The learning goal of our Gymnasium is, alongside the Abitur, the virtually accent-free use of the English language, which in turn is the best preparation for your child, for example with a view to international higher education.  

Pupils from our own primary school and children with a particular aptitude have the possibility to skip a grade at the beginning.

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