Private primary school with bilingual instruction in English/ German

Life-world focus – pupil-centred learning – competence-orientated approach – committed teachers - active interaction with parents
Short description:
State-approved bilingual primary school with full day classes at the Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC)
4 (four) school years
Beginning of the school year (12th September 2016)
Primary school completion certificate: Bilingual primary school German/ English
Monthly school tuition fee:
295 €

Short profile

Professional profile

An early start entails more intensive language learning

The Heidelberg Private School Centre’s (HPC) bilingual primary school provides pupils with a unique learning experience in a play-orientated environment. The bilingual approach means that pupils gain an intense education of English as a foreign language alongside the German language.
This bilingual specialisation in the primary school is based on the current primary school education plan and curriculum.

Target group

We offer a bilingual primary school to all school-aged children and their parents who are looking for a full day of classes where English-language skills are emphasised alongside other skills. Nowadays, a greater importance is attached to the learning of foreign languages and greater attention is paid to this area of learning. Our school is particularly suitable for children with a strong interest in languages who come from a bilingual or English-speaking background.

Our Primary school is state-approved and funded by the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.


Primary school education, i.e. 1 to 4 school years, lays the foundation for the entire school career and as such forms the basis of a happy, self-reliant and successful future for your child. It builds upon the educational and developmental work started in playschool or by the parent/guardian and equips pupils with essential knowledge, skills and competencies.

The HPC primary school offers children a positive learning and developmental environment that guarantees your family/ child the best possible preparation for further steps in life. Teaching is based on the educational plan of the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and aims not only to provide children with an outstanding comprehensive education that reflects their abilities, but also to facilitate integration into secondary school.

The goal and emphasis of our pedagogical concept is firstly the child’s discovery of the world through a process of enquiry and networked learning, and secondly the bilingual approach.

The combination of smaller class sizes and a balanced timetable with plenty of opportunity for movement both supports and challenges the children cognitively, emotionally and physically. Our dedicated teachers guide the children and attend to their needs throughout their time at school.

The HPC bilingual primary school is state approved.

Special features of our primary school

  • The child’s discovery of the world through enquiry and networked learning
  • Intensive basic education in Mathematics, German and English
  • Bilingual specialisation in German and English
  • Reliable primary school supervision concept

Entry requirements

School entry: Your child is of school age ... and is ready to start!

All school-aged children can be educated at our bilingual primary school.

Priorities, profile and characteristics

Bilingual specialisation – the immersion method

Recent developments in education policy have highlighted the importance of improving the qualifications of school children in Germany. Since 1998, the responsibility for teaching foreign languages has been extended to include primary schools. This restructuring reflects findings in education research that recommend the utilisation of the child’s capacity for language learning and, consequently, the commencement of foreign language teaching at the earliest opportunity.
The foundation of bilingual playschools and primary schools reinforces this approach to learning. Through the immersion method, pupils intensively experience and use the second language. This method draws on the process by which the first language is learned, while ‘immersion’ symbolically describes the language acquisition process. Learners gain a capacity for language learning through ‘language immersion’, in which the second language (L 2) is no longer taught in a systematic manner. Pupils are instead taught various subjects in their second language (L 2), so that they can learn the language in a natural manner.
This approach emphasises speaking and the creative use of language, with a high tolerance for error. Grammar is only taught in specific foreign language classes. This enables natural everyday use of the second language in a subject-related context which removes language barriers. (Source: ‘FKMS Immersion in der Grundschule – ein Leitfaden’/ ‘Association for Early Multilingualism in Day Nurseries and Schools, reg. soc.: Guidelines for the Foreign Language Immersion in Primary Schools.’)

Tailored courses

In bilingual specialisation, German, Mathematics and Religion are taught in German, whereas the combined subjects ‘People, Nature and Culture’ as well as ‘Movement, Play and Sport’ are taught in English. From the very first school day, teachers of these subjects speak English only, but pupils may respond in either German or English. In this way, children quickly learn to understand first and later to speak, read and write in English. The English language is, therefore, not considered a subject in its own right, but much more as the natural medium of communication and self-expression, acquired in a similar manner to that of the mother tongue. The immersion method motivates children to regularly experience and actively use the English language in a wide range of contexts.

Benefits of bilingual teaching
  • Bilingual teaching benefits pupils by taking into account the intellectual challenge of both language competence and subject competence. • It benefits the educational institution by responding flexibly to the real demands of professional life.
  • It assists the individual school in raising the profile of foreign language teaching.
  • Furthermore, multicultural education enhances intercultural tolerance which is paramount in the bilingual primary school.
Bilingual teaching and learning

Europe and the wider world are growing ever closer. With the increased mobility of the population, new challenges in professional life and the global capacity for communication and information, the importance of gaining competence in foreign languages is greater than ever.
Bilingual education and learning are successful methods of second language acquisition and are internationally recognised as a powerful complement to traditional foreign language teaching. The bilingual approach to teaching and learning does not focus on the presentation of the target language as a grammatical system, but instead prioritises the application of the target language within subject-related and contextual learning processes. Additionally, such an approach equips learners with enhanced means of self-expression in the foreign language. Learners are presented with wide-ranging opportunities to use the foreign language.

Overview of subjects

Religious Education/ German/ English/ Mathematics/ People, Nature and Culture/ Movement, Play and Sport, as well as topic-based projects (e.g. water and climate change projects) and supplementary courses, e.g. additional tuition where needed in German and IT.

The dedicated supervision of pupils ensures that they have a contact person and designated place during supervision hours.
Supervision is not provided automatically, but at the parents' request.


Supervision can be provided for the entire school week or, depending on individual requirements, only in the mornings, afternoons or even on individual weekdays.
However, supervision can only be booked for designated periods of time – it is not possible to book individual days spread throughout the year.
Supervision fees

The service is available to all parents and children for a small fee depending on the amount of supervision booked.

Teaching staff

All teaching staff are accredited by the Karlsruhe Regional Council.

A tasty and nutritious lunch for children

We offer varied and healthy meals in cooperation with our catering partner. From Monday to Friday, every pupil can have lunch or a snack (salad, etc.).
Healthy food provides children and young people with the nutrition they need for growth and development and can also help prevent diet-related illness in adult life. It enhances academic performance and can counter the deficits of an unbalanced diet of fast food and ready meals. Furthermore, it also forms the basis of a healthy way of life as an adult, as eating habits formed in childhood remain with us into adulthood.

Duration / length of the course (class hours)

Supervision hours

During term time:

Mo.-Fr.: 8:00 a.m. / 8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. depending on the class level and additional offers.

Supervision times (during school hours):

Upon request: Morning supervision in school (7:15 – 8:30 a.m.)

Upon request: Afternoon supervision in school (1:00 – 5:15 p.m.)

Upon request: After-school homework supervision within our full-day instruction programme
(1.30 - 3.00 p.m.)
Individual arrangements can be made where possible.


14th September 2015 - 31st July 2019


12.09.2016 - 31.07.2020


Central location in Heidelberg

Our bilingual primary school is located in the centre of Heidelberg, on the street Fahrtgasse 7-13, near Bismarckplatz square.
The location provides an ideal primary school environment:

  • Bright and appealing classrooms
  • Attractively designed group and multi-purpose rooms
  • Outdoor areas for play and games
  • Safe school: The school can only be accessed by parents, children and teachers. We greet you and your children at the front door.

Possibility of further training courses / professional perspectives

Qualifications and professional perspectives

Completion of primary school with transition to a secondary school or integration into:

  • Bilingual secondary school (English) (from 2017/18)
  • Realschule/Intermediate school with a standard curriculum, bilingual specialisation or sports specialisation
Followed by:

  • Fachhochschulreife/ Advanced technical college certificate at a vocational college (Berufskolleg) or:
  • Abitur / the European Baccalaureate/ entrance qualification for a university at our vocational secondary school, specialising in either business or social sciences and subsequently:
  • Admission to a university (or University of Applied Sciences), to a dual Bachelor degree programme at the F+U International University of Cooperative Education (IBA) or to a Bachelor and subsequent Master’s degree programme at the F+U University of Applied Sciences for Business, Technology and Culture (HWTK).
  • Outstanding career prospects as a result of professionally orientated teaching and learning.
From the academic year 2017/18, in addition to the option of continuing school education at a state school (secondary school, intermediate school, etc.), we will offer your child a guaranteed place at our planned bilingual secondary school (English). This builds on the foundation laid by the bilingual primary school and thereby reinforces your child’s enthusiasm and aptitude for the English language. Furthermore, it is also possible for your child to continue his or her school career at our own state-recognised private intermediate school, either with a standard curriculum or with a bilingual or sports specialisation. Lessons are tailored to the child’s learning needs and abilities, as well as to his or her interests.

Certification / accreditation / recognition

The HPC Bilingual Primary School is state approved.


Monthly school fees:

  • 1st to 4th school year: € 295
Upon request: Morning supervision in school (7:15 – 8:30 a.m.): € 25 per month.

Upon request: Afternoon supervision in school (1:00 – 5:15 p.m.): € 165 per month.

Upon request: After-school homework supervision within our full-day instruction programme
(1.30 - 3.00 p.m.): € 100.

Individual arrangements can be made where possible.

Registration fee: a once-off processing fee of € 275

Catering at school: Optional lunch at school is provided by a supplier and carries an extra cost; microwave ovens are available to heat packed lunches.

Funding opportunities

Discounts on school tuition fees

In the interests of promoting social diversity at school, school fees can be reduced, on request, in certain cases e.g. for families who could not otherwise afford the school fees for several children at schools of the F + U Group of Companies or for children who are considered to be particularly worthy of support due to their achievements. This tuition discount can only be granted to a limited number of families and F + U reserves the right to reject such requests if the total number of applications surpasses the limit fixed by our company. The confidential nature of data in applications for tuition discounts is respected at all times and the related information about the financial status of applicant families is treated in a highly confidential manner.
For further information about the application procedure, please contact the school administration. Please note that a reduction in school fees is subject to an annual reapplication.

Second child regulation:

The following prices with significant discounts apply to all parents who have two or more children at one of our schools:

  • 25% off the regular school fees for the first sibling (2 children)
  • 50% off for the second sibling (3 children)
  • Alternative afternoon supervision in school: When two or more children are supervised in the afternoon, the supervision fees are payable for one child only. 
  • 20% off the regular school fees, where one of the children has already completed their education at one of our schools.

Information events

11th January 2018
19th February 2018
21th March 2018
26th April 2018
4th June 2018
5th July 2018



Secretary's office: 06221-912051

School administration: 06221 7050-319


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