HPC International Boarding School

HPC International Boarding School offers high-quality educational opportunities for young people between 14 and 18 from Germany and around the world. Depending on age and educational background, learners can enroll in a variety of secondary school programmes, professional trainings, preparatory language courses, and more. 

Thus, HPC International Boarding School provides a unique opportunity for minor students to learn with international students from all over the world in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

Learn more about our boarding school and get to know the city of Heidelberg!

HPC International Boarding School is a special institution in the F+U family, established to accommodate international students aged 14 to 18. 

HPC International Boarding School provides minors from abroad with the outstanding opportunity of receiving a high-quality international education in Heidelberg, Germany, which prepares them for future university studies and paves the way into an international career.

The HPC International Boarding School offers students a safe environment and intensive care. Our educationally trained supervisors specialize in meeting the specific needs of young people and helping them to organize their everyday lives. They are available as contact persons on site, 24 hours a day.

Our goal is to create a family community where students can live and learn together. Each individual receives the personal attention he or she needs. The students receive full board.


HPC International Boarding School’s services include: 

  • help with homework & study support 
  • psychological support 
  • accompaniments to appointments with authorities 
  • placement in sports clubs & music schools 
  • leisure activities 

Boarding school residents have the opportunity of participating in the cultural programme offered by F+U Academy of Languages and the extra-curricular activities organized by the Heidelberg Private School Centre.

Welcome to Heidelberg ❤

With roughly 160,000 citizens, Heidelberg is a medium-sized, steadily growing city with a young age structure. Therefore, it offers young people everything they need in terms of life, learning and leisure in a safe, clean and downright idyllic atmosphere.

A scenic landscape with the picturesque river Neckar, various sports and youth clubs, and cultural institutions offer a wide range of leisure-time activities, giving international students the opportunity to exercise, have fun, and make new friends. 

Apart from a picturesque old town and world-famous, romantic castle, Heidelberg boasts Germany’s oldest and highest-ranking university, Ruprecht-Karls University. Numerous research centres and well-known companies are situated in and around Heidelberg and provide excellent job opportunities. International students, employees and tourists from all over the world contribute to an open-minded, warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Heidelberg has good shopping facilities and an excellent public transport network which is safe to use for old and young anytime of the day. Moreover, the schools of the Heidelberg Private School Centre, HPC Boarding School and the F+U Academy of Languages are located centrally and in close vicinity of each other.

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HPC International Boarding School 
Director: Mr. Steffen Lang

Phone: +49 6221 912035

E-Mail: boardingschool.hd@remove.this.fuu.de

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