The right school for everyone

At HPC, there are several continuing schools that allow students to enter 5th grade.

The Realschule and Gymnasium offer bilingual instruction in English, and at our International School instruction is exclusively in English. Our Jenaplan school profile, LernZeitRäume, offers an alternative school concept.

Please refer to the respective school pages for information on changing options.

Realschule with bilingual program

The lessons at the Realschule are bilingual and modular. The strengths and weaknesses of the students are individually promoted.


LernZeitRäume is a state-approved school based on the concept of reform education (Jenaplan school). The main focus is on the development of the students' personalities. Everyday school life is characterized by mixed-grade groups from elementary school to high school graduation.

International School IB

At our International School, students have the opportunity to complete an international baccalaureate. The global teaching is exclusively in English and the degree (International Baccalaureate®) is internationally recognized.

Bilingual Gymnasium

Through bilingual instruction, students at our Bilingual Gymnasium are excellently prepared for the internationalization of the job market. With the Abitur they have excellent English and intercultural skills.