Bilingual Gymnasium (G8)

Our private general-education Gymnasium (G8) with bilingual instruction commits to prepare students for the internationalization and globalization of the job market. More and more professions and fields of study require a broad and immersive set of language skills.

Our bilingual instruction program, starting from the fifth grade, will equip students with an upper-intermediate level of English and intercultural competencies by the time of high school graduation.

5 reasons to choose our school

1. Bilingual Instruction

Our bilingual elementary school was founded in the historic center of Heidelberg in the academic year 2013/2014. The program was so positively received that we were asked to provide bilingual education for our secondary school and Gymnasium. The first fifth grade class on the F+U Educational campus in Heidelberg began in September 2017. This school year 2018/19 we admit students from grade 5 to 6.

2. Well-structured and familial atmosphere

The aspect of class size often plays a vital role in choosing between a public or a private school. We teach in small classes, typically of 20 students, to help everyone do well in class and achieve learning success. We work closely with our school’s social services to create a familial atmosphere and a sense of belonging for the students and school personnel. Our office hours are available and open to our students throughout the day.

3. More than just learning

It has been made known to us throughout the year that parents would appreciate to have more all-day supervision provided for their children. Regular classes at our school end between 1:00 and 3:15 pm; however, we are able to extend services to students until 5:00 pm, thanks to our multifarious education offers and extracurricular activities. We have a broad selection of services that range from additional offers, tutoring, and lunch to creative, music, and sports programs provided by our dedicated educators

4. In the heart of Heidelberg

Opened in March 2016, the F+U campus, located across from the Heidelberg Central Railway Station, has been the home of our bilingual Gymnasium. Due to the ideal location of the school and the optimal access to public transport, the way to school is also made easier for children who do not live nearby.

5. Universal education

Our Heidelberg Private School Center offers an integral education path to graduation. This mean that it is possible to the transfer between bilingual Gymnasium and our bilingual secondary school.

After graduation, our students may choose not only to continue their studies at the international University of Cooperative Education iba or at the University of Economics, Technology and Culture (HWTK) but also at all universities in all study programs according to admission requirements.

School profile

Our Gymnasium 

  • offers bilingual instruction 
  • is a private Gymnasium 
  • is state-approved
  • to be completed after 8 years with the general university entrance qualification

Our Aspirations: 

  • Competence-oriented: In addition to theoretical knowledge, we impart solution-oriented thinking and target-oriented working method. 
  • Student-oriented: We support each other individually 
  • Life-world-oriented: We attach great importance to authentic learning, imparting values, and self-sufficiency

Our Team

As with our student admission, upon selecting teachers, we do not only pay attention to their professional and pedagogical competence, but we also aim to achieve the right chemistry. Our team represents and shares the same values, works together towards the same goals, and commits to support each other in everyday school routine. A positive environment in classrooms and flat hierarchies are absolutely important to us. 

These priorities are also noted by our students, who do not only benefit from the knowledge and experience of our teachers. They know that their teachers will spend time with each individual after the lessons to either explain assignments or to support them with problems outside the classro

How do we implement our aspirations in everyday school life?

5th and 6th Grade: Orientation Stage

In the first two years we focus on the personal relationship between teachers and our students in order to facilitate their transition from primary to secondary school. Individual support, according to respective learning level, is a central goal in the orientation stage. 

At the end of the 6th grade: decision on moving up to the next grade.

7th to 9th grade: Secondary school (junior high)

After the orientation stage, we educate our students intensively not only in English but also in several other languages, natural and social sciences, and in the ambit of music and arts. In doing so, we encourage our students to think in an interdisciplinary way, i.e. to apply what they have learned in one subject to other areas of learning, to understand complex contexts, and to think creatively. Diverse lesson plans support our process with the help of modern media.

10th grade: Introductory phase

Course selection takes place in the introductory phase. The range of offered subjects is divided in to a compulsory and an optional section. The courses to be chosen are grouped into three categories: 

  • Language – Literature – Arts 
  • Social Science 
  • Mathematics – Natural Science - Technology

11th and 12th grade: Qualification stage

In upper level (10th-12th grade), the focus is not only on in-depth general education in core subjects: German, Foreign Languages, and Mathematics but also on individual profiling. Elective courses provide students the possibility to discover their interests, strength and to define priorities. 

Interdisciplinary thinking and independent learning are strongly encouraged in the upper level. Multidisciplinary projects and group works help reinforce methodological and social competence.

The Abitur Exam

Our General Higher Education Entrance Qualification / Abitur Exam complies with the requirements of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Students are required take four written tests and one oral exam. 

  • Compulsory written tests in three general subject areas: German | Foreign Language | Mathematics 
  • The topic of the fourth written test shall be chosen by students. 
  • Oral exam: shall be replaced by an excellent academic performance

Bilingual instruction

Bilingual instruction at the Heidelberg Private School Centre starts in the first grade of our bilingual elementary school. Since the academic year 2013/2014, our students have been learning to communicate in English and have been dealing with the language intensively. The same system is currently being implemented for our bilingual secondary school. Due to the high demand from parents, we are now expanding our bilingual programme to include our Gymnasium. 

How is bilingual instruction conceived? In bilingual classes, subjects are taught in the respective foreign language, which is English at our Gymnasium. The contents are based on the curriculum of the respective subject and do not differ from lessons in the native language. Bilingual education does not simply mean that students have more English classes.

The English language serves as a pure communication tool that helps us conflate content and language learning – in English, Content and Language Integrated Learning. Thereby, we make sure that students will not neglect the subject matter and will be able to communicate confidently on many topics in English. 

Bilingual instruction does not only strengthen students’ foreign language skills but also enhances their intercultural competence. Students are encouraged to embrace other cultures and think outside of the box.

In today’s world, communicative structures and professional practice develop to the point that people are increasingly dependent on English as a world language for their private and professional lives.

In this day and age, it is no longer enough to understand English. One is expected to master the language and be able to discuss specialist subjects to be fully prepared for the job market, which is characterized by internationalization and globalization.

Additional educational services and afternoon supervision

“Pedagogy Plus“ package (optional)

  • Manageable class size 
  • Individual support and consultation
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Supplementary education in IT and Media
  • Media, social and business projects in every class level
  • Attractive business partnerships and internship exchange
  • Access to alumni association and parental network
  • Individual supervision from the school social work
  • Pick-up service from the train station
  • Digital class register and regular communication with parents

All-day supervision

We offer supervision and support service between 7 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

In addition, homework assistance program, lunch and various sports and leisure activities can also be requested.

“Pedagogy Plus“ package (optional)

  • Manageable class size 
  • Individual support and consultation
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Supplementary education in IT and Media
  • Media, social and business projects in every class level
  • Attractive business partnerships and internship exchange
  • Access to alumni association and parental network
  • Individual supervision from the school social work
  • Pick-up service from the train station
  • Digital class register and regular communication with parents

„International Education“ package (optional for grade 5-10)

  • Curriculum of Bilingual Gymnasium Baden-Württemberg taught in the holistic framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP)
  • Small class size
  • Academic subjects taught in English and German
  • Individual language support for English and German
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Clubs and service projects
  • Media and IT education
  • Digital learning platform accessible for students, teachers, parents, school app
  • Individual coaching for learning, internships and further career plans
  • Cooperative relationships with local companies
  • Intensive parent-teacher networking, regular parent teacher meetings
  • Chaperone service for youngest students from main train station to school
  • Prepares students to transition to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) after grade 10

All-day supervision

We offer supervision and support service between 7 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

In addition, homework assistance program, lunch and various sports and leisure activities can also be requested.



After eight years, students will finish their Gymnasium studies with successful exams for their general qualification for university entrance (Abitur). At our Gymnasium, students may obtain the bilingual German-English certificate with the completion of secondary school or with the general university entrance qualification.

Upper-level students may choose biology, history, or geography as a four-hour foreign language subject, in which they will be required to pass their written Abitur exam in English. Upon passing the exam, they will acquire the “International Abitur Baden-Württemberg” certificate.


Our Gymnasium is a state-approved independent school. Our school-leaving qualifications are thus identical and equal to those of a regular school. We teach according to the syllabus of Baden-Württemberg. All our teachers are pedagogically qualified and approved by the Karlsruhe Regional Council.


In principle, our pupils have access to all public and private schools and universities. 

  • Access to universities and universities of applied sciences 
  • Access to the dual Bachelor’s degree at the International University of Cooperative Education (iba)
  • Undergraduate and consecutive graduate studies at the International University of Applied Sciences (HWTK) 

Thanks to bilingual instruction and our international orientation, our graduates shall have a sufficient knowledge of English and intercultural competence. Such skills are the absolute prerequisites for a successful career in a globalized job market.

Individual care

We attach great importance to the fact that our students go to school with joy and motivation. Such is the only way to achieve the greatest learning success. With that being said, we would like to offer students and parents our customized-whole-day supervision to balance and supplement regular lessons. Our offers range from pick-up service from the train station for our youngest children to exam preparation for our older students. 

Should you have questions about our full-day supervision or any of our offers please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Tuition Fees

In order to avoid a separation of pupils according to the ownership of the parents individual agreements on the amount of the school fees are possible. We are happy to lead an individual consultation.

1. The monthly school fee is usually 163 Euro plus the "Pedagogy Plus" or the "International Education" package (from the school year 2020/21).

2. Processing fee: 295 Euro

3. Sibling discount on request

"Pedagogy Plus" package (optional)

The optional additional services such as the "Pedagogy Plus" package result from the total amount of income p.a.

  • up to 30,000 euros – 10 Euro monthly
  • up to 45,000 euros – 20 Euro monthly
  • up to 60,000 euros – 40 Euro monthly
  • up to 75,000 euros – 65 Euro monthly
  • up to 90,000 euros – 90 Euro monthly
  • up to 105,000 euros – 115 Euro monthly
  • up to 120,000 euros – 140 Euro monthly
  • up to 150,000 euros – 190 Euro monthly
  • up to 180,000 euros – 240 Euro monthly
  • over 180,000 euros – 290 Euro monthly


Please do not hesitate to contact us - we are looking forward to be hearing from you!

[Björn Walden, Head of the HPC, and Gina Rossi-Kaufmann, Deputy Head of the HPC Bilingual Gymnasium]


Currently, you can reach our office daily from 08:00 to 12:00 o'clock!

To simplify the application and registration process we have our own candidate portal.

Apply via the F+U Application System    Phone: 06221 7050101