International Baccalaureate® - our International School

Are you…

  • Fluent in English?
  • Open-minded, hard-working and interested in global issues?
  • Looking forward to meet and study with people from all over the world?
  • Interested in getting to know a new language and culture while also completing an international high school degree?
  • Planning to study at a top ranking University?


If the answer is yes, the IB® is the perfect choice for you!

Are you…

  • Fluent in English?
  • Open-minded, hard-working and interested in global issues?
  • Looking forward to meet and study with people from all over the world?
  • Interested in getting to know a new language and culture while also completing an international high school degree?
  • Planning to study at a top ranking University?


If the answer is yes, the IB® is the perfect choice for you!

About the International Baccalaureate®

Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme lays the foundation for studies at the world’s most prestigious universities and colleges.

For studies at German universities, the IB® Diploma Programme was recognised by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs as equivalent to the German Abitur. Our subject selection covers all requirements for the recognition of IB® DP at German universities.

The two-year IB® Diploma Programme at F+U’s Heidelberg Private School Centre (HPC) is a good way to prepare you for further studies at an international university. Widely acclaimed and recognized by universities worldwide, the International Baccalaureate will pave your way into the world’s top universities in Europe, the U.S., Canada and other countries, and also entitles you to study in Germany.

The IB® Diploma Programme has an international focus and will teach you to think globally and across boundaries. Taught exclusively in English and on a high academic level, the IB® curriculum includes subjects such as Mathematics, Psychology, Biology, Geography, English Language and Literature and German as a foreign language, along with further training in study skills, essay writing and project work. The programme is rounded off by extensive university and career counseling, which will provide you with the best possible preparation for your future university studies.

Prep Class for DP

Our Prep Classes prepare students aged 14 to 16 before entering the Diploma Programme.

Having implemented the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) and being a candidate school for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), we felt it was time to take the final step and start to implement the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).

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World school since 2017

Our school was authorized as an International Baccalaureate® World school in February 2017. In September 2017, we began teaching our first IB® Diploma Programme students, preparing them to study at a university within the next two years.

Read more about the reputation and opportunities of the IB® Diploma Programme.

With the support of the F+U Academy of Languages, we also offer our students the opportunity to improve their language skills and train their social competence by taking part in language trips and internships in Germany and abroad.

Why you should apply to our international programs (International PrepClass and IB Diploma Programme):

We still provide all our programs and support students to get their best possible education.

A system for remote learning in cases of school closure is well-established and has received a thoroughly positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

Students who are unable to travel can still participate in our programs as long as necessary using digital devices and getting regular teacher feedback.

Even during a school closure, we work hard to make every single student belong to our school family.

We have a well-established digital learning strategy.

We are able to react fast and precisely to changing situations. Even when partly returning to the classroom, we can include students with health issues using digital devices and thus allowing them to stay in their safe home environments.

Even when schools are closed, we continue extracurricular activities online (such as our school’s clubs or daily online training for German language learning with our librarian).

We continue counselling online and focus on personal contacts of each teacher and administrator with students and families.

Curriculum of IB® Diploma Programme

Basic information

All subjects are taught in English. German is taught as foreign language to non-native German speakers.

Each student chooses from six subject groups

  • three higher level subjects
  • three standard level subjects

Standard level subjects (SL) are taught for 150 hours (60 minutes). Higher level subjects (HL) are taught for 240 hours (60 minutes).

Subject Group 1

English Language and Literature, German Language Literature

Subject Group 2

German and English as Foreign Language

Subject Group 3

Geography and Psychology

Subject Group 4

Biology and Chemistry

Subject Group 5

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Subject Group 6

Film (or another subject from Subject Group 3)


The IB® DP consists of three core components that enable the best possible preparation for studies and lifelong learning.

  • Extended Essay (research project)
  • Theory of knowledge
  • Creativity – activity – service


Extended Essay

Planning and writing an extended essay on a topic of students’ choice in one of their academic subject prepares them for academic essay and paper writing at university.

Theory of Knowledge

In the TOK lessons and beyond, our students learn to ask and answer questions about knowledge and learning. This is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about critical thinking and the question of how we know what we know.

Creativity Activity Commitment (CAS)

CAS consists of three elements:

  • Creativity: Focuses on creative thinking and finding new and artistic solutions.
  • Activity: Includes all forms of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Service: Emphasises voluntary and unpaid work for and together with others. Students learn that their actions are meaningful for others, develop team-work abilities and test their leadership skills 

A CAS project combines all these three elements. For example, a dance project could be developed that is practiced with a primary school class and performed for older people in the neighbourhood. In their CAS project, students pursue their individual interests and contribute their strong points to the project.


Throughout the programme, students take different examinations and types of examinations in various subjects. Some of these examinations are evaluated internally by our teachers and others are evaluated externally. All results contribute to the final grade. After each semester, both learners and parents receive a detailed report on the individual learning successes.

In all academic subjects, students take a final examination in May of the second year, which is evaluated externally.

Requirements for IB® Diploma Programme

The IB® Diploma Programme is open to all students who meet the following requirements:

General Requirements

  • Proof that the pupils have successfully completed the intermediate level.
  • Letter of motivation in which they demonstrate their commitment to the IB® philosophy.

Personal Requirements

  • Interested in global issues: In order to demonstrate their general knowledge of political, cultural and social issues, each candidate is interviewed personally by the IB® coordinator via Skype or telephone.
  • Students who have started the IB® Diploma Programme at other IB® schools will be admitted to our school, provided that the subjects they have taken in their previous school are currently offered.

Language Requirements

According to our language policy, the following language requirements must be met in order to be admitted to the first year of the IB® Diploma Programme:

  • Candidates are expected to have a very good command of English.
  • We can offer an intensive language training programme before the beginning of the first school year in our Prep Classes.
  • German language skills are not required prior to the programme, but we expect students without German language skills to take German as a foreign language in Subject Group 2.

Application via Open Apply

To make the process as efficient as possible, a written application is not required since we use the electronic application management software “Open Apply”. The data will, of course, be treated strictly confidentially, and for this purpose only. It will not be passed on to third parties at any time.

NEW: Prep Class for DP

From September 2019 we will start a prep class for the IB Diploma programme. 

The class of 2019 will be suitable for students aged 14 to 16 and provide the foundations (particularly English and German language proficiency) for entering the IB DP Programme from grade 11.

All classes will be taught in English language and students non-native in English are supported in their English language proficiency. Non-native German speakers will take first steps into this new language or further develop German language skills.

The prep class will provide:

  • Full day schooling in English according to the curriculum of the German Gymnasium, Baden-Württemberg.
  • Small class sizes with individualized learning.
  • Language proficiency support for English and German.
  • Extracurricular activities including Model United Nations, sports clubs, creative and theater clubs and cultural exchanges.
  • Accommodation at the boarding house is available.

Application via Open Apply

To make the process as efficient as possible, a written application is not required since we use the electronic application management software “Open Apply”. The data will, of course, be treated strictly confidentially, and for this purpose only. It will not be passed on to third parties at any time.

IB® Learner Profile

The International Baccalaureate is based on teaching young people who are actively involved in making our world a more peaceful place and who acquire and internalize the key competencies of the IB Learning Profile:

Inquiry – Takes pleasure in doing research

Our students are researchers who ask meaningful questions and who will find answers through effective and scientific research methods and the use of multimedia tools and sources. They use the school library, the science laboratories of our school and extracurricular learning facilities.

Knowledgeable – Acquisition of expertise

A wide range of subjects at standard and higher levels in combination with core subjects (research work, knowledge theory and creativity-activity engagement) provide our students with the best possible preparation for university studies and provide the basis for lifelong learning.

Thinker – Ability for (critical) thinking

Not only do our students acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge from different fields of study, they are also supported in holistic educational and learning processes to combine, question and apply new knowledge with the familiar.

Communicator – Strengthening communication and cooperation skills

Our students successfully participate in communication processes, are able to express their own ideas both orally and in writing, listen to each other and communicate with each other in a targeted and appropriate way. .

Principled – Strength of character and orientation to values and standards

Our students stand up for their views and beliefs, take responsibility for their actions and learning and respect our Academic Honesty Policy.

Open-minded – Cosmopolitan outlook

Our students are cosmopolitan people who appreciate the diversity of our school. Their aim is to learn from and with each other, despite different countries of origin, mother tongues, cultural backgrounds, abilities and worldviews.

Caring – Solidarity and social commitment

Our students show an interest in world affairs. They recognise the different needs of the school community and beyond and try to respond to them.

Risk-Taker – Courage to venture into something new and face challenges

Our students have the courage to take on new ideas and challenges. We encourage our learners to leave their comfort zone as often as possible and take steps in a new direction. This is supported by a safe and open learning environment in which such risks are possible.

Balanced – Balanced lifestyle

Our students strive for a healthy lifestyle. The IB® Diploma Programme is a major challenge, which is why we actively support our students in finding a balance between tension and relaxation.

Reflective – Ability for self-reflection

Our students recognize their strengths and weaknesses, reflect on their successes and failures and work constantly to develop themselves further.

IB® school life

IB® Buddies

Life at our school is characterized above all by the exchange among our students, who learn together and from each other. In order to make this possible from the very beginning, we have introduced the IB® Buddies programme at our school, in which our newcomers are accompanied by students from our school and supported in their first steps.

As the school year progresses, IB® Buddies can do homework together, explore Heidelberg or spend their spare time together. Who knows – maybe this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship?

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Our IB® Graduates 2019

International Baccaleaureate in Heidelberg: Unsere Absolventen 2019

100% passing rate!

The month of May is known for many beautiful things: the sun, the blooming nature and the approaching of the long-awaited summer vacation.

For our students and teachers although, May is the IB® exam month.

With great pleasure we can announce that all of our IB® students passed this year's exam!

A 100% passing rate is well above world average and fills us with pride and anticipation of next year's classes!


Hang - student at IB

"In the past two years, I have received many things from IB such as useful knowledge, interesting experiences and unforgettable memories. I attended a wonderful high school in Heidelberg. I decided to go to Heidelberg with the desire to study in a peaceful, highly scholarly environment and experience multiculturalism. The school I attended has a very good, fun, and open-ended teacher team. Friends from all over the world are happy to be kind. The learning environment here and the working style have helped me to strengthen the working attitude that I always look forward to.(…) And what impressed me the most is IB learner profile, an important aspect of IB makes us a better person academically and also act as a solid base for us to develop in the future. Throughout the course, I have to face with challenging questions, difficult knowledge. I have become more thoughtful and careful. Every time I face a problem I always think twice before making a decision. I became interested in learning more. Thanks to IB I have acquired this skill.(…) After two years studying IB became an indispensable part of me. I am very happy to have chosen IB and attended this school. The vast world opened up for me to explore. I am very grateful to my friends and teachers who have given me the opportunity and helped me improve myself."

May - student at IB

"While IB has a reputation for being challenging, I would advise potential IB students not to let that intimidate encouraged me as a student to become well-rounded, independent and much more organized (especially when it comes to time management). There are several learner profile attributes, and some noteworthy ones for me especially are Risk-take, Open-Minded and Principled. I can thank the IB for their worldwide approach to education which I believe has helped me be much more Open-Minded to new concepts and approaches to problem solving. I am also thankful for the amount of international students as it is really fun to learn about everyone’s culture and their unique points of view. Additionally, I am going to university in a country I have never lived in before, on a different continent. I know that I would not have been this type of Risk-taker had I not the same exposure to the international community and it has really helped me be more brave in new situations. (…)There are also balances that the IB provides because it recognizes student’s needs to not always be working. With CAS, part of the IB core, students are expected to participate in a range of activities outside of academics, which can be a lot of fun and also shows universities that you are a well-rounded individual that has engaged in the local and school community."

Benjamin - student at IB

"My time at the IB can only be described as absolutely extraordinary. During the two-year period, which was unfortunately cut short due to the Corona virus, I was able to further my horizons through the teachings of a truly original and international system. Due to the fact that we are an international school, it helped me get to know people from very different backgrounds and countries. This truly opened my eyes. When one mixes these different characters together, personalities are strengthened and furthered, lessons are learned, and most importantly; friendships are made. The IB learner profile really does come to life within each student, as important characteristics are developed with the help of our fabulous teachers at the FuU. Debating interesting and important topics that will define the time that we live in, gives every person in the class a voice, that is heard and respected due to the inquiring and respectful nature of each single student. I myself was not able to find one single way to describe the past two years, at which point it dawned on me; we are the conveyors of the lessons and characteristics learned from the IB, and so the best way to describe the past two years. Our first big responsibility; passing on what we know to others of our generation and so, on to the next generation."

Gilang - student at IB

“During my time in IB Diploma, it has made me to be a better risk taker from the start. Starting an intensive 2-year university preparation in a new continent with new environment is a huge step for a 17 years old me. IB Diploma has also made me into a reflective person, as I try to improve my knowledge by knowing what andbwhen I did wrong and how I can do better the next time. Lastly, IB Diploma has made me into a better thinker, as IB often relates with global situation and requires me to be critical when approaching a subject of discussion."

Johanna Seitz - now studying Communication Studies in Salzburg

“I had to submit my first seminar paper and I have to say ... I am extremely happy that I have already learned a lot about academic honesty because this made quoting super easy and I was able to concentrate more on other things. I was also very happy I got the chance to choose “Film” during IB because especially in my course of study, things we´ve learned during IB benefited me at university. I am glad that I did the IB Diploma because, in my opinion, it prepared me very well for university - especially in terms of citation and also in the field of film and media. The first weeks of the semester were just a lot more relaxed for me and I could concentrate on other important things."

Philomena Niebergall - now studying Business Psychology in Heidelberg

“Honestly, subject- and knowledge-wise I'm not better prepared than any of my university buddies, but I will say that the benefit of independent work during the IB is noticeable. While other students struggle to manage their time, motivate themselves to complete tasks without deadlines, and have difficulties knowing how to structure their studying, the IB prepared me incredibly well in those departments."

Experience from our DP1

„This programme is not easy, but we really appreciate that you come towards us and try to make it as fun as possible. For many of us, life has changed positively since we started at this school, as you show us to look after our environment. We thank you for bringing us into contact with the world and the different schools and thus broadening our horizons.”

from Omar, Shanshan, Bohan, Sina, Andrew, Elena, Mahmoud


Monthly fees for IB® Diploma Programme:

€ 1,100 monthly school fee (IB® Diploma Programme)
€ 3,100 monthly school fee (IB® Diploma Programme + boarding school accommodation)

+ € 500 registration fee

Additional fees:

Additional fees are charged by the IB® organisation for examinations.

Monthly fees for the Prep Class:

€ 160 (tuition) and

€ 690 (additional supplement for add-ons)
including lunch, afternoon activities, additional language support, travel costs to an international students conference to a destination within Europe

+ € 500 registration fee

Further costs:

  • Workbooks and course books
  • Calculator
  • Registration for online offers in application procedures for universities
  • Excursions, etc.
  • Visas

In addition, our school teaches by the Bring-Your-Own-Device-Policy (BYOD), so that our students use their own digital devices in the lessons. These include mainly laptops and smartphones.

Limited number of scholarships available on request. Please contact us.


Career Counselling

Part of our program is an intensive career counselling course starting in September of DP1. We support all our students with applications at universities worldwide.

We're glad that we could convince you of the IB® Diploma Programme. If you have any more questions, e.g. about the IB® philosophy, we answer your questions.
[Dr. Elke Heinicke, Head of International programmes and International Baccalaureate/ IB Diploma Programme Coordinator]

Currently, you can reach our office daily from 08:00 to 12:00 o'clock!

 Phone: 06221 7050101

Application via Open Apply

To make the process as efficient as possible, a written application is not required since we use the electronic application management software “Open Apply”. The data will, of course, be treated strictly confidentially, and for this purpose only. It will not be passed on to third parties at any time.

Do you have any questions?

Please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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