Jenaplan School Profile „LernZeitRäume“ at HPC Schools

LernZeitRäume (Learning Time Spaces) works according to a modern alternative school concept, which is based on Jenaplan 21 and other internationally successful educational approaches.

We are an optional pedagogical profile at HPC, with a state-approved primary school, a state-approved secondary school (Realschule) and a state-approved seven-year upper secondary school (Aufbaugymnasium G9).

All school qualifications of the state of Baden-Württemberg can be acquired at LernZeitRäume.


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Your LZR management team
Anja Solberg, Jens Nägele and Markus Lotzenburger

The guiding principles of the LernZeitRäume

Our teachers are guided by three pedagogical principles:

1. Students have the right to be curious, inquisitive and creative children.


2. Teachers and educators accompany children on their individual learning journey, guiding where necessary. We design schools in such a way that it is possible for all learners to develop their personal potential.


3. We value the individual LernZeitRaum of each child and adult and pave the way to comprehensive world knowledge.

You can find more information about the school profile, registration etc. on the HPC LernZeitRäume website (German only)

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[Jens Nägele (left), Anja Solberg (middle), Markus Lotzenburger (right)Leadership team at LernZeitRäume]

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