Educational partner of HPC schools

The HPC education partnership has been an important component of our lifeworld orientation concept since 2019. By dovetailing business and school, our students gain valuable impressions of the working world, through taster days, internship weeks and various action days. In addition, they benefit from professional input from the companies that support and accompany us as HPC education partners with lectures and manpower.

This enables us to help our students think about career orientation at an early stage.

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Here's how our education partners provide support: 

  • Awarding partial or full scholarships
  • Cooperation projects in working groups with students (student companies), e.g. "Upcycling with LIDL", "Sports management with AOK", etc.
  • Presentations by the companies in the "Grow for the future" lecture series

Lifeworld orientation through HPC education partners.

A long-standing partner of our company is the AOK. This school year, they are supporting one of our student companies "Sport Management with the AOK" for the first time with healthy topics. In addition to the topics of sports sponsorship and sports tourism, they will be giving supplementary presentations on interesting topics: Healthy eating, exercise, addiction prevention, starting a job and health/preventive care. Not only lectures are insured here, but also exciting action days with different stations, as for example: Blood pressure measurements, calculation of the BMI, Parcour exercises with the Promille goggles and much more are planned.

The Brillux company also successfully accompanied our students in the 2019/2020 school year. Under the guidance of an employee of the company and a teacher of the HPC, the students had the chance to dive into the colorful world of Brillux. The goal of the student company was, with previous input from the company Brillux, to redesign a classroom in terms of color, and thus not only plan their own project in theory, but also to realize it. In the school year 2020/21, the company Brillux will again accompany a student company. We are already looking forward to seeing what colorful range of challenges the students will face this year.

As in the previous school year, one of our first educational partners, Debeka Versicherung, offers a partial scholarship of 175 EUR per month. HPC students from the vocational high school, the commercial vocational college II and the commercial vocational college for foreign languages can apply for this partial scholarship.

Exciting input from the business world: At the Debeka "Grow for the future" lecture, HPC students get an insight into the insurance industry and an introduction to the world of shares and investment funds!

This school year very freshly with it - the company LIDL. They are accompanying a student company in the vocational high school called "Upcycling with LIDL". The company supports the student company with presentations given by current trainees on the topics: Recycling/disposal, merchandise groups/assortment, merchandise presentation, cash register/sales.

In addition, two students this school year have the chance to qualify for a full scholarship. It's worth applying!

The Kolbenschmidt company also supervised a student company at HPC last school year. After a tour of the company, the students were allowed to start planning their own workpiece, the 'office cube'. What was special here was that the students not only had theory lessons, but could actively put their energy into practice under supervision.

Finally, the students also thought about marketing and sales. The project was accompanied by several trainees from the Kolbenschmidt company and by a teacher from the HPC.

With Wieland & Schultz SiKoTec GmbH, the HPC has been able to gain another educational partner, which also supported two students of the Realschule with a partial scholarship in the last school year 2019/20. After graduating from the Heidelberg Private School Center, our students have the opportunity to complete a commercial or technical apprenticeship at SiKoTec and learn everything about fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems and their networking.

This year, the company Wieland & Schultz SiKoTec will again award a partial scholarship for one student.

Network and family of the F+U Group of Companies

Our network of schools and universities with a wide range of apprenticeships offers students the opportunity to explore their career prospects at an early stage, in addition to their school education.

The network with the offer and the university sector of the F+U Group of Companies opens up a connection between school and career for the students of HPC, which cannot be found at any other school.

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