School concept

All our degrees are state-recognized - so in this respect we are absolutely comparable with any public school. However, it is important to us that the students think outside the box and receive an international education.

Our elementary school, high school as well as junior high school therefore offer bilingual instruction in English. In addition, we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma at HPC International School, an English-language, internationally accepted school-leaving qualification to enable our students to study at an international university.

The School of the Future - Education for the 21st Century

Sparking enthusiasm - shaping the future - the philosophy of the R+U is particularly realized where education and personal development are most closely intertwined - at school.

With the concept "Future School", a special profile has been developed at HPC to make children fit for the future and "real life". School should not be an end in itself, but should strengthen personality development and enable students to lead successful and satisfying lives.

In this sense, we feel that responsibility, creativity and commitment are the central key competencies for the future. Our method of developing these finds practical expression in the HPC motto: "Belong to our school family Engage globally Grow for the future".

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What sets us apart - the 3 pillars of HPC

[Translate to Englisch:] Familiäre Atmosphäre

Family atmosphere

We create a family atmosphere in everyday school life. Our learning groups of a maximum of 21 students are supervised by both dedicated teachers and school assistants who work in a socio-pedagogical capacity. The children should feel comfortable with us and be strengthened and encouraged as personalities.

Bilingual teaching

Through bilingual instruction in English from the first grade, through international teachers and cooperation with schools abroad, the children are prepared for the globalized world both linguistically and in their personal development.

Future projects

In so-called future projects, students get involved socially and gain important experience for their professional and personal future. For example, through our student-run companies. Here, students have the opportunity to develop, manufacture and market a "product" in a creative process. In this way, the students learn to stand on their own two feet and to take responsibility for their actions. During this process, the children are supervised by "future coaches" from the world of work. The future projects are an integral part of our schools and flow into the grading. We work closely with companies and our students complete several internships.


  • bilingual teaching in English
  • exchange programs
  • IB school, grades 1 to 12
  • Chinese Club as 3rd foreign language
  • international atmosphere
  • international students
  • international teachers
  • individual language support

Lifeworld orientation

  • Orientation to the requirements of the working world
  • Intensive company partnerships
  • Exchange for internships
  • subject "life skills
  • Student companies
  • CreActive Learning
  • Soft skills courses
  • Educational partnerships

The "HPC" family

  • manageable school, small classes
  • familiar atmosphere
  • good supervision
  • relationship work
  • work with parents
  • participation and social engagement of the students
  • Alumni

We want to be a school for all

Every child has a right to a future-oriented, practical and individual school education in an intercultural society. To ensure that children from less financially strong families can also attend the school, the Zukunftsschule e. V. association works to acquire donations and funding.

This is only possible with strong partners. Our partner companies offer, among other things, scholarships for talented students, active support in the implementation of student companies and a wide range of information and internship opportunities.

School social work at the Realschule and the Bilingual Gymnasium

We, the team of the school social work at the Realschule and the Bilingual Gymnasium, consist of six employees. The team consists of one full-time employee (psychologist) - who is also the coordinator of the school social work - and five student employees (dual students in the study program "Social Pedagogy and Management").

The school social work is available to clients daily from08:00 - 16:30.

The school social work is a service offered by the youth welfare in the school, which is especially directed to the students as well as to the teachers of the Realschule and the Bilingual Gymnasium in the context of social matters. We are also available as a contact for the parents and the family environment of the students.

Our goals

  • Support and accompany students in their development and everyday situations
  • Promote a positive school climate
  • To cooperate with teachers
  • To strive for cooperation with other authorities
  • To advise and support parents and guardians

Our principles

  • Voluntariness, commitment and confidentiality
  • Confidentiality (§ 203 StGB) and data protection (SGB VIII)
  • Prevention
  • Participation and networking offers
  • Solution-oriented counseling

Individual help

  • As a contact person for children, parents and teachers
  • Consultation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Diagnostics

Child Protection

  • Indications of risk to the well-being of children (KWG)

Conflict Assistance

  • Mediation ( dispute resolution )
  • Consulting
  • Bullying intervention
  • Parenting


  • Networking with other institutions
  • Participation in programs and events

Social learning

  • Social project (7th and 8th grade)
  • Social training (workshops)
  • Organize and accompany/ supervise social services
  • Hospitations/ observations