The HPC Bilingual Gymnasium in Heidelberg

Welcome to the Bilingual Gymnasium at HPC!

Languages open doors and open up the world. The general education, bilingual Gymnasium at HPC (G9) with instruction in German and English prepares our students in the best possible way for the demands of a labor market characterized by internationalization and globalization. Those who master and understand a second language at an early age will have an advantage in everyday life, studies, training and work.

That's why the Bilingual High School at HPC Heidelberg is the right choice for your child:

Bilingual instruction: With instruction in German and English starting in fifth grade, our students have above-average English skills and special intercultural competencies after graduation from the Gymnasium.


Digital school: At HPC we have a school-owned app with digital class book, possibility for online lessons according to timetable, teacher-student-parent communication and integration of various learning apps (Sofatutor, Phase 6). Our rooms are equipped for hybrid teaching.


More than just classes: Our regular classes end between 1:00 and 3:15 pm. However, it is possible to provide care until 4:45 p.m. through additional offers such as lunch, homework supervision, tutoring offers as well as creative, sports and music activities and much more.

Manageable class sizes: Your child will learn in manageable groups and will receive intensive support from our teachers and specialists and, if necessary, individual support.


Educational diversity centrally located in Heidelberg: The HPC Bilingual Gymnasium is located in the modern premises of the F+U Bildungscampus - centrally located directly opposite Heidelberg's main train station. Thanks to the optimal connection to public transport, the way to school is also made easier for children who do not live directly nearby.


At a glance

  • School profile: Grades 5-12 (G8), bilingual


  • Graduation: General baccalaureate


  • Location: Heidelberg, Kurfürsten-Anlage 64-68


  • Costs: 123 € tuition + profile contribution


  • Special feature: International orientation


School concept

Our Gymnasium…

... offers bilingual education in German and English

... is a private, state-approved high school

... is completed after eight years with the general university entrance qualification.

Multilingualism opens up new horizons: Through bilingual instruction, we promote our students' openness to other cultures, increase their ability to concentrate, and provide them with better starting opportunities in their professional lives.

Bilingual education does not mean that students simply have more English classes. Rather, the subjects are taught in English.

The English language serves as a communication tool, so that content and language learning are combined - in English Content and Language Integrated Learning. The content is based on the educational plan of the respective subject and does not differ from instruction in the native language.

In this way, we ensure that the students do not neglect the subject matter and at the same time can communicate confidently in English and discuss specialist topics in a differentiated manner.

School subjects

  • Subjects according to the timetable:

    German, Math, English, Physical Education, Geo, History, Ethics, Art, Music, Spanish/French, NWT/Chinese, Economics, Community Studies, BNT/Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Electives:

    6th grade : Spanish or French
    8th grade : NWT or Italian

  • Additional offers:

    Fixed component: bilingual instruction in the subjects of music, geography, biology and history.
    Optional component: ITG, media education

More than just lessons: after-school care and AGs

We are also there for our students after the regular school day!

We offer a variety of day care and homework support as well as a wide range of leisure activities (sports, languages, creative activities, drama, etc.).

In addition, we offer extra exam preparation for school leavers and a pick-up service from the train station for our youngest students.

Pupils in focus

The children and young people at HPC should go to school withfriends and motivation. This is the only way to achieve the greatest learning success. Therefore, the strengths and weaknesses of the students are the focus of our bilingual high school: We accompany them in their career and their personal development.

Due to the manageable class sizes, we can devote more attention to each individual and respond to their individual needs. Difficulties and deficits are addressed at an early stage with support and tutoring services.

It is our claim to work in a competence-oriented manner - in addition to theoretical knowledge, we teach solution-oriented thinking and goal-oriented work. In doing so, we place great value on authentic learning, the teaching of values and independence.

Parents about the Bilingual Gymnasium:

"BiG is a school with great teachers and staff where students and parents feel very comfortable. The community is warm and supports families individually at all times. The education at BiG is of high quality and lays a solid foundation for our children's academic and career success."

- Laura Körbel

"The BiG is a great school with many dedicated teachers. The organization and clarity is very good thanks to the school's own app, which meant that my son didn't miss an hour of class even during Corona time. We can recommend the school anytime. "

- Claudia Zell

Graduation and perspectives

After eight years, the students graduate from the Gymnasium with the Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur) if they pass the examinations successfully.

At our Gymnasium, students can acquire the bilingual German-English certificate with the completion of lower secondary school or with the acquisition of the general university entrance qualification. In the Oberstufe, students can choose biology, history or geography as a four-hour foreign-language subject in which they take a written Abitur examination in English - and if they successfully pass, they receive the "International Abitur Baden-Württemberg" certificate.

Thanks to bilingual teaching and our international orientation, our Abitur students have a very good command of English and intercultural competence. In a globalized working world, these are optimal prerequisites for a successful professional life.

Our students have access to all public and private schools and universities. Dual studies are also possible.

Educational paths within the colleges and academies of the F+U Education Group:

  • Apprenticeships at the Fachschulzentrum
  • Dual studies at the iba or the isba
  • Bachelor's and / or Master's degree programs at VICTORIA | International University of Applied Sciences

Information events for children and parents


Digital and human - we combine both! We would like you to get to know our HPC schools with their profiles and special features, our students, teachers and principals in person, even at Corona times. That's why we hold virtual info events regularly!

Register for the next online info event

Digital school

Online lessons according to schedule: not just a buzzword with us, but a lived reality - thanks to our school's own myF+U app. Classes at HPC can - if the situation requires it - be held completely online.

When school closures are necessary, as with the Corona pandemic, HPC Realschule students have classes every day on a regular schedule, meeting their classmates and trusted teachers online and continuing to learn. In this way, we are mitigating the impact of the pandemic on families as best we can, especially if parents are in the home office.

Through our school-owned app, we maintain digital gradebooks, are integrated with various learning apps (Sofatutor, Phase 6) and teacher-student-parent communication.

The classrooms at HPC Realschule are equipped for hybrid instruction. Individual students* who must stay home can participate in classroom instruction via online streaming and are co-teached.

The rental of laptops for working at home rounds out the digital offerings at HPC Bilingual Gymnasium.  

Insights: Projects, Art and Specials

On our Insights page, you will find current information from everyday school life. Here we present exciting projects and provide you with the latest news from our schools. You can also look forward to picture galleries and videos.

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Social Media

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School Community

As with our students, when selecting new teachers we not only look for professional and pedagogical competence, but also for the right chemistry. Our team shares the same values, works together towards the same goals and supports each other in everyday school life. A positive atmosphere in the classroom and flat hierarchies are particularly important to us.

Our students also notice this. They benefit from the expertise and experience of our teachers in the classroom and know that they take time for each individual after class. Whether it is to explain a task again or to support the students with problems outside of class.

Tuition fees

Monthly expenses are as follows:

  • Tuition,
  • Voluntary HPC profile contribution

For more information about tuition, please refer to the exact tuition schedule.


We are pleased if we could convince you of our bilingual high school. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, e.g. about the bilingual classes.

[Anja Sölter, Head of the HPC Bilingual Gymnasium]


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  • Register once and manage all documents in one central place: Our applicant portal.

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Currently you can reach our secretariat from Monday to Thursday - 08:00 to 13:00!

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