Seven-year Vocational School (G9) School profile LernZeitRäume

The private, state-approved, seven-year Vocational School at HPC Schools is a general education high school.

In the course of the 7th to 13th grade, students of the secondary modern school are offered an easier transition to the grammar school. Students in grades 6 of the secondary schools, community schools and G8 high schools who want to take a "decelerated" school path are in the right place at the Vocational School.

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At a glance

  • School profile: Grades 7-13 (G9)


  • Graduation: General Abitur


  • Location: Heidelberg, Slevogtstraße (Südstadt)


  • Costs: 106,50 € tuition + profile contribution

  • Special feature: various profiles; lateral entry possible



The Vocational School has a curriculum specially designed for this type of school; it is not a reintroduced G9. The timetable of the Vocational School allows for more intensive practice and promotion at the school for the acquisition of the general university entrance qualification (Abitur) after seven years, building on the orientation level (grades 5-6).

The first foreign language is English. French is offered as a second foreign language in grade 7 or can be started in grade 11.

Starting in grade 9, students can choose between two specializations:

From grade 9 to 11, the science profile takes place in four hours with the subject Science and Technology (NwT).

From grade 9 to 11, the foreign language profile takes place in four hours with either Spanish or Latin as the third foreign language.

Postgraduate high school

The Postgraduate high school in the school profile LZR offers in the 11th grade an individually adapted preparation for the course level.
In the course level, the focus is then on individual counseling, planning and coordination in preparation for the general university entrance qualification, in a familiar and manageable environment.

Voluntary additional offer LernZeitRäume

Students of the Vocational School have the opportunity to choose the voluntary additional offer LernZeitRäume. This concept, which is located in the afternoons, is based on various internationally successful pedagogical approaches.



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