Curtain up: We cooperate with the Heidelberg Theater

The Realschule, the bilingual Gymnasium, the Berufskolleg and the vocational Gymnasium have had a cooperation with the Theater Heidelberg since the school year 2020/21. Unfortunately, this could not be fully exploited in the last school year due to Corona. However, we will make up for this in the new school year.  

The cooperation with the theater means that each class will attend a play or concert of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg once a school year at a "student price". The play is selected and booked by the class teachers. For the younger classes, there is a choice of plays from the "young theater", which are adapted to the age of the children.  

The aim is not only to make performances from all sections of the Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra accessible to the students, but also to give them the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. The aim is for the students to gain a deeper understanding of theater and build a longer-term bond.   

3rd place in the Ferry Porsche Challenge 2021

Ferry Porsche was a pioneer who made his dream come true.

Following his example, the goal of the Ferry Porsche Challenge is to promote a pioneering spirit among students and teachers so that they can work together as a team to advance digitization in schools.

The Realschule, under the direction of Mr. Daniel Ohler and Ms. Ric-Kruse - both graduates of the Pop Academy in Mannheim - participated in the Challenge with a music project.

Among the approx. 300 applicants our project: HPC Realschule: OBS - Open Broadcaster School made it to the 3rd place! Thus we won 25.000€ for the digitalization and the extension of a "recording studio".

"OBS - Open Broadcaster School" involves setting up a live streaming, video and music production studio. In the AG, concepts are created for the digital and media accompaniment of everyday school life.

Grimme Award Online: Mr. Ohler writes an award publication

On 17.6.2021 the Grimme Online Award was presented - our music teacher Danny Fresh (Daniel Ohler), was allowed to write an article about "Music lessons on Twitch" for the award publication.

His topic: "The virtual youth house" - songwriting workshops on Twitch.

You can find the whole article on page 13 in the Grimme Award Online publication.

Our Artwork

From pizza to 3D art - My animal in its living world

Realschule 6.3 learned how to use the cutter and the children dealt with their desired animal in its respective living world.

Using acrylic paints and temper paints, the students finally transformed their pizza boxes into great works of art to show off!"


Home schooling: wall painting allowed

Mixed media: painting, drawing, tesa technique, collage

In class 7.1 there was "StreetArt" in different manifestations in the BK online class.
Admire the great walls yourself.


Project: "Play along

From September to November, class 7.1 planned, built, glued, designed, then presented and finally, of course, played.

The player inventions with instructions are impressive.
Go ahead and play!

Homeschooling (RS 6.3, Sj.20/21): Idioms according to Keith Haring

Can you recognize the idioms?